Simple part supports

– simple, direct and without design, built according to the Alufix principle. Here a modular fixturing system with a large range of components comes into its own.


– According to design and requirements of workpiece data, concept for repeatable use – From checking of purchase parts to series measuring

Sophisticated part supports

– With measuring, checking and adjusting elements, i.e. dial gauges, retractable plug gauges, moving slides

Gap and flush gauges

– with folding/removable contour stripe models and or measuring equipment


– Outer and inner for front, decklid, floor or complete body-in-white

Fuegemeisterbocks (Match metal fixtures)

– For front, rear, floor, sidepanels and a complete chassis


– For supporting reference models and single parts in changeover

Frames for design models

– For supporting Uriol and clay models

Application examples of Alufix base plates and grid base plates