Bumotec Mill-turn machining center s181

With more than 10 years of experience acquired on our s191 model, the benchmark on the market, Bumotec launches the new series of s181, which combines the best of Swiss made know-how and a high degree of innovation.
With twin machining stations , a milling spindle capable to reach up to 40’000 rpm’s and a high availability of tooling in the automatic tool magazine, Bumotec s181 has the capability to produce complex components from bar stock up to 32 mm diameter.
The machine mineral casting bed, the latest CNC technology and the linear motor drives ensure uncompromised thermic stability and performances.
Suitable for Watch, surgical instruments, medical implants and complex micro-mechanical components, the s181 is a major asset to help you to take on the actual and future industry challenges. 

Key features

  •  2 machining stations  
  •  5 axes simultaneous machining
  •  Combines milling and turning
  •  Up to 90 positions for tooling the automatic toll changer
  •  CNC FANUC 31i panel



Base machine

Axis strokemmX= 490 / Y= 160 / Z= 430
PowerkWX= 2,5 / Z= 4,8 / Y= 4,8
Axis force X= 340 daN / Z= 180 daN / Y= 180 daN
Rapidsm/minX – Y – Z = 40
Acceleration X -Y – Z = 8m/s2 / 0,9g
Resolution X – Y – Z = 0.0125 µm

Main spindle C

Power (direct drive)kWS1= 5,5 / S3= 11
Dividing deviceNmS1= 18 / S2= 32 / S3= 40
Rpm milling°/minM version 90’000
Rpm turningrpmMT version 8’000
Clamping force 11’100 N at 6 bar
Bar capacitymmØ 32
Clamping systems F38 /Ottet / Mecatool / Jaw-Chuck

Tilt axis B (direct drive)

TorqueNmS1= 109 / S6= 226
Titling speed°/min36’000 (7’500 °/s2) (0 to 90 in 0,35s)
Blocking torqueNm336

Milling spindle

Power S1/S6kW5 / 6
Torque S1/S6NmS1= 6,3 / S6= 7,6
Max. rpmrpm30.000 (40’000 option)
Tool holder camping forcekN11
Tool interface M version HSK-E40
Tool interface MT version HSK-T40 (HSL-A40 holders compatible)
Max. through spindle coolant pressurebar100 (option)

Tool changer

Capacity 30 (option 60 or 90)
N° of turning tools All tools possible
Max. Tool weightkg1,2
Max. Tool diametermm40 (80 if adjacent tool pockets are empty)
Max. Tool lenghtmm120

CNC control

Type/Screen FANUC 30 series type 31iB-5 / 15″ panel with Windows 7

Retaking axes

Axis strokemmU=160 / V=250 / W= 170
Power forcekW2,5
Axis force 100 daN
Rapidm/min40 (8m/s2)
Resolution 0,0125 µm

Retaking vice

Vice rotation Electric
Self-centering parallel-vice pneumatic
Clamping force 4.200 N at 6 bar

Front live tool

Number of tools 5 milling tools
PowerkWS1= 1 / S6= 3
TorqueNmS1= 2 / S6= 4,4
Rotation speedrpm8’000


Machine (without any options)kg5000
Footprint (without any options) 3,5 m2