Geomagic Studio

Create accurate digital models from physical parts
Geomagic Studio automatically creates accurate models from scan data of physical parts. Use Geomagic Studio to capture, describe and represent the complex objects of the real world for use in CAD, CAM, or CAE systems.
Begin with the physical object, rather than a blank screen
With Geomagic Studio, you start with the physical object, rather than a blank screen that requires you to input the dimensions and shapes define the object. This allows you to leverage or repurpose existing designs or work with objects with no CAD data.
Close the loop between digital and physical
Geomagic Studio closes the loop and aligns the physical and digital worlds, ensuring that the design model is an accurate representation of the as-built product. You do not need to manually compensate for the differences between the as-built product and the CAD model due to manufacturing or wear and tear conditions.
Design better products
Use Geomagic Studio to capture and create models of hand-tooled or as-produced objects for use in analysis software such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or finite element analysis (FEA). Through digital analysis, create better products, increase product performance, ensure safety, and reduce human or manufacturing error and risk.
Increase design efficiencies
Geomagic Studio provides powerful automation with manual controls and tools to accelerate and simplify the 3D modeling process while offering full user control.
Obtain high quality models
Geomagic Studio passed PTB’s strict standards for surface- and curve-fitting algorithms. Geomagic Studio also utilizes several patented technology and algorithms that enable the generation of 3D models with high quality surfaces, accurate geometry, color and textures.
Stay compatible with standards
Geomagic Studio works with popular 3D scanners, CAD and graphics software, and rapid manufacturing systems. You can be assured that your investment in Geomagic technology is fully compatible with your other technology investments.
Model with multiple data representations
Geomagic Studio offers true multi-format modeling, covering the most commonly used 3D data representations: points, polygons and NURBS. Data integrity is ensured no matter how you represent your model
Achieve a variety of applications
With Geomagic Studio, you can process and model limitless, complex shapes for an infinite variety of applications including reverse engineering, design and analysis, mass production of customized devices, build-to-order manufacturing, visualization and digital archiving.
















Geomagic Qualify

Digitally inspect as-built versus as-designed parts
You design in 3D, so why not inspect in 3D? Geomagic Qualify enables fast, accurate, easy-to-understand graphical comparisons between CAD models and as-built parts for first-article inspection, inline or shop-floor inspection, trend analysis, and in-depth assessment.
Inspect products in a fraction of the time
With Geomagic Qualify, inspection and approval can be completed in hours instead of weeks accelerating time to market, significantly reducing cost and giving you a measurable competitive advantage in the design/manufacturing process.
Get accurate, certified results
Geomagic Qualify bases inspection on surfaces defined by tens of thousands of points, rather than the five or ten points that previously defined a CMM surface. PTB certifies that Geomagic Qualify’s fitting results are accurate to less than 0.1 micrometers in length and 0.1 arcseconds (1/36,000 of a degree) in angle compared to the official reference value.
Improve design efficiency
An intuitive user interface guides you through the entire align, compare, evaluate and report workflow. Graphical comparisons of “as designed” vs. “as manufactured” information aids the designer’s understanding of problems, enabling quicker turnaround time for design changes.
Sustain manufacturing quality in real time
Maintain quality control for in-line production and shop-floor inspection. Trend analysis enables statistical process control (SPC) on multiple samples, providing insights into deviation trends. Deviation color maps allow uses to instantly identify problem areas that can be further analyzed – now or later.
Perform in-depth product and process assessment
Take advantage of Geomagic Qualify’s sophisticated analysis features including wall thickness, gap and flush (G&F), edge comparison, geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T), as well as 2D and 3D dimensioning. Quickly assess out-of-tolerance conditions to enable immediate correction to the manufacturing process.
Collaborate on the inspection process
Generate detailed reports with numeric inspection data, multiple views, annotated user-defined views, notes and conclusions. Use Geomagic Review to share inspection results online with engineers, suppliers, partners, contractors and customers at other physical locations.