TAMURA Local N2 Inclined Wave Sold-HC33-32KLF2/HC40-32KLF2



Completely lead-free
FLIP type solder pool, high precision preheat.
• Standard gear for spot cooler!!
Optimum soldering has been realized.
• Secondary nozzle former remote adjustable mechanism
Remote control with note-type personal computer. (Option)
• Central control with touch panel
• Solder dross-less soldering with local N2 hood


Applicable boardsMAX W330 x l350 x t 1.6(mm)
MIN W330 x l350 x t 1.6(mm)
Inclined angle of conveyor4~5°
Conveyor speed0.5~2.0 m/min
Dimensions of machineW1320×L3200×H1600(mm)
Weight (Excluding solder)約Approx. 1500kg
Soldering capacity (Sn-Pb)約Approx. 360kg
Power sourceAC 200V-50/60Hz-3φ 34kVA 95A