TAMURA Air Inclined Wave Soldering System HC33-32LF2



(1)Completely lead-free. FLIP type solder pool, high precision preheat.
(2)Automatic secondary jet nozzle adjustment system. Remote control with note-type personal computer. (Option)
(3)Central control with touch panel
(4)Applicable to solder collection system TSS 14000 (Option)
(5)Fully close hood and operation by monitoring with monitor camera (Option)
(6)Standard gear for spot cooler!! Optimum soldering has been realized.


Applicable boardsMAX. W330×L350×t1.6 mm
MIN. W 50×L120×t0.6 mm
Inclined angle of conveyor3∼5°
Conveyor speed0.5∼2.0 m/min
Dimensions of machineW1320×L3200×H1600 (mm)
Weight (Excluding solder)Approx.1400kg
Soldering Capacity (Sn-Pb)Approx.360kg
Imput power sourceAC200V-50/60Hz-3Φ 28kVA
NEW Pre-heater unitCooling unitSpot coolerControl unit
HC33-32LF2(New type preheater installed on board)
SettingPreheater 180℃,150℃,130℃C/V 1.0m/min
Comparison with conventional preheater units
-Improvement in heating capacity
-Decline in inter-board temperature difference, ΔT, owing to efficient heating

A pair of box-construction cooling units are provided on the top and bottom so as to enclose the base board. They combine to offer centralized cooling for the entire unit.
The cooling start position can be adjusted by sliding the top cooling unit in parallel with the transfer conveyer and, by doing so, the parts mounted on the board are protected against overheating effectively.
The sample profile shows that the upper and lower surfaces are cooled positively as intended.