●High-precision, high-efficiency grinding of all kinds of screws including triangular screws, trapezoidal screws, ball screws, screw gauges, and worm is available.            
●We have the world's No. 1 delivery record of grinders for ball screw processing.                
●You can input the elements of the work pieces in an interactive way to process virtually all kinds of screws (No programming is necessary).   
●The temperature of the entire machine is controlled through coolant in sync with the room temperature, so slow temperature change can be tracked to realize high precision process stably.              
●lubricant in sync with the coolant temperature (room temperature) is circulating through at the center of hole of the master screw for table feed to control the temperature to realize high precision process of long screws.                  
●Dressers best suited based on the thread grooves of work pieces are available.