Okamoto Precision forming grinder ACC350II

Powerful, suitable for precision grinding with tiny modalities surface of small parts, such as mould, fixture, etc.
Centered on operators of various devices and know-how, which can realize high efficient and comfortable grinding.
Workbench longitudinal guide rail surface using ptfe ethylene, the workbench with toothed belt drive, stable running and non-slip.
The reliability of the long-term
Operation and maintenance is simple
Designed to meet the demand of basic grinding.


workbenchAdd work ability (length x width)mm360×150
Main shaft center to the distance of workbench facemm75~400
Standard magnetic table size (length * width)mm350×150
Work load energy (including magnetic)kg120
T slot (width * slot number)mm17×1
Longitudinal feedThe largest travelmm390
Each changed hands move feedingmm130
The transverse feedThe largest travelmm210
Each changed hands move feedingmm5.0
The wheel every scalemm0.02
Vertical feedEach changed hands move feedingmm1.0
The handwheel every scalemm0.005
Grinding wheeldiameter×width×The inner diametermm205×6~25×31.75
The motorspindleKw/p1.5/2
Welcome deviceKw/p0.4/2
Covers an area oflenght×width×heightmm1555×1381×1918
The weight of theThe net weightkg740