PTMES Manufacturing Execution System

PTMES Manufacturing Execution System lies in its compatibility with global CNC controllers such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Brother NC etc, readily collecting real time production data and status directly from various machines and equipments. By utilising secure cloud technology, the end-user can reliably assess a library of their past manufacturing performances in order to continually refine their production processes. The system provides management with a valuable insight into their factory’s operation, promotes transparency in production, ensures completeness of production records. And also the system can help the company to minimize the downtime, improves the efficiency and effectiveness ,increases the profit and heads to the era of Industries 4.0.


The system can monitor the overall equipment status, provide scientific data such as OEE, Staff
performance appraisal, production planning etc. for the management to do the decision making.
PTMES can display all equipment detailed status, from the on/off status, job status, to job process data, and
historical records, which can be easily accessed and viewed through the system.
The powerful data analysis function of the PTMES system can easily and flexibly generate the utilization analysis from all the equipment to a single equipment in the system, and display the specific visual data report.
The production data reports for the entire workshop or individual equipment can be automatically generated, and detailed data such as production yield, production quantity, production number, and production time consumption can be visually displayed in the report via PTMES.
The PTMES system implements a powerful equipment monitoring function. When an equipment working abnormality or malfunction, the system can quickly acknowledge which issue a alarm and record the fault data in detail.Let the problem fixed and resume the machine instantly.

If the equipment is abnormally shut down, the PTMES system will record and produce an abnormal shutdown
report. This report will show you specific data such as downtime and equipment ownership.

The powerful status monitoring function of PTMES can realize the visual presentation of the production and
processing yield data within the specified time period, and record the data information in detail in the report.
a valuable basis for yield and targeted improvement.