SHIBAURA MACHINE High Precision Aspheric and Free-form Surface Grinder ULC/ULG Series, LG Series

High Precision Aerostatic Bearing Spindle (Grinding Spindle, Work Spindle)

Precise run-out accuracy

Precise run-out accuracy is realized in addition to high speed, high precision, high rigidity, low heat generation, and high reliability

  • Grinding Spindle: 20nm/NRRO
  • Work Spindle: 5nm/NRRO (*1)

(*1) Measured with the method of Single Point Asynchronous Error Motion

Considering ecology

With High Precision Aerostatic Bearing Spindle with porous restrictors equipped, while realizing a stabilized and highly dignified machined surface, large reduction of air consumption is possible with the porous restrictor, and our company has traditionally achieved a 1/6 ratio to convention, making this unit a contribution to energy savin

High Precision V-V Roller Guide Way with Non-Circular System

High repeatability, high machining efficiency

The ultra low friction guide way achieved by the combination of our company original high lapping technology and strictly selected high precision roller has a high response of nanometer range feedrate and cancels delay at reverse feed. This guide way system realizes higher rigidity and stability than hydrostatic/aerostatic bearing guide way, keeping a similar accuracy.

Considering ecology and space saving

There is no temperature fluctuation of fluid common to static guide ways, and stabilized precision is secured while simultaneously making a hydraulic unit, etc. unnecessary and contributing to space saving and energy saving.

Axis Drive Technology

Optimized design

The ball screw drive system and linear motor drive system are designed optimally for each individual machine type and axis with consideration to cost performance.

Considering highly dignified machining

With ball screw drive system, we developed and utilized unique couplings to cancel out the common problems of stress and oscillation, which are occurred by ball screw rotation.