The 42 series consists of a broad range of machines for fl awless deburring, perfect edge rounding and finishing and ultimate precision grinding. The 42 series is Timesavers’ most popular and versatile machine series.

The deburring machines in Timesavers’ 42 series are available in several widths:
900 mm, 1100 mm, 1350 mm, 1600 mm and now even 2000 mm. The machines can be supplied with a maximum of four heads in various combinations of abrasive belt, disc and brushes.
The machine can deburr, finish and edge round in one pass by integrating different heads. The machine is also suitable for radiussing sanded and/or laser cut parts or non burred parts.

The 42 series deburring machines have been produced for constant use and are equipped with a lifting and lowering unit on the abrasive belt (diameters of 180 mm, 280 mm and 450 mm). This ensures that the flexibility of application can be changed easily.

The power of simplicity
This machine stands out because of its ease of use and an operator can immediately and effectively work with the machine after a short training course. Our experts will give you professional advice.


Standard version:
– Centralized and user friendly control panel.
– Automatic table opening of 0 – 150 mm.
– Carrousel rotating brush heads equipped with 4 brushes rotating to the left and 4 to the right.
– Frequency-controlled conveyor belt with a speed ranging from 1 to 10 m/min.
– Window panels and lit interior for process observation.
– Brushes with an extremely long service life no less than 3000 hours.
– LED beams on the infeed and outfeed that show the machine status.
– Available with 1 or 2 abrasive belt contact roller heads.
– Vacuum table with access for internal cleaning.
– Quick exchange system for brushes and abrasive belts.
– CE certified.

Applications and benefits:
– The removal of burrs on laser, plasma or water jet, punched, cut parts, machined and routed parts.
– Stainless steel, steel, copper, aluminium, copper, etc.
– Deburring of Zintec, galvanised and plated material, aluzinc, alclad, incl. ink-marked parts.
– Uniform and controllable side radius for, for example, the aerospace, catering and medical industries.
– Long service life consumables and efficient production possibilities and capacities.