The 10 series is Timesavers’ versatile starter model and the cost saving alternative for manual deburring, edge rounding and/or finishing of metal.

The Manual Grinder for perfect deburring, edge rounding and finishing of metal. This ensures that an abrasive medium can be used for heavy-duty grinding on one side and, on the
other side, for example, a brush for deburring, edge rounding and/or finishing. A mirror finish can also be created if required. Last but not least, the 180 degree rotating shaft makes rapid switching between different consumables easy.

The Manual Grinder is ergonomically responsibly designed for optimal operating conditions. The machine has a special mat with high friction surface to fix the parts during deburring and finishing. Smaller parts are kept fixed in their place through the integrated vacuum.


Standard version:

– Movable arm in 2 positions with weight compensation.
– Deburring disc for the removal of rough burrs.
– High friction mat for small parts.
– The grinding dust is collected in a removable tray.
– Frequency-controlled drive.
– 1300 x 800 mm bench.
– Weight approx. 270 kg.
– 400 V connection with vacuum table.
– 1.5 kW main motor.
– Side panels that can be adjusted with regard to height for personal protection and    machining large parts.
– CE certified.

Applications and benefits:

– Long service-life flap brushes and therefore a reduction in material costs.
– 3 – 4 times faster than manual deburring.
– Uniform edge rounding/deburring.
– Affordable starting model.
– Optimum user friendliness.