TIMESAVERS 81 Series: Innovative Precision Grinding Solutions

The dutch build 81 series machine is Timesavers’ innovative solution for precision metal grinding. A bed that moves to and fro is used with a high power grinding motor.

Precision grinding up to 0.02 mm? No problems with the Timesavers 81 series
This machine uses wide grinding belts with a high tolerance level and is used for the precision grinding of titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, aluminium/nickel alloys, carbon steel and more. The machine grinds these metals with a precision of no less than 0.02 mm.

The Timesavers precision grinding machine: totally tailor made
Every variant from the 81 series is produced especially based on customer requirements. Precision grinding is performed by a wide belt that grinds the thickness of a part to achieve a fixed thickness. The Timesavers 81 series has a conveyor belt, a roller table or a reciprocating that coupled with a high grinding power per centimetre that makes this precision grinding possible.

Timesavers offers know-how and a far-reaching service
We also, for example, offer turnkey solutions where the handling of all ancillary equipment is organised and installed for you. Examples include:
– Roller conveyor and tables.
– Water filter units for wet grinders.
– Automatic stacking and de-stacking units.
– Reversing unit.


– Precision grinding of titanium, molybdenum, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminium and carbon steel.
– Grinds material to a thickness pre-programmed.
– Removes no less than 0.2 mm per cycle.
– Accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm.
– Suitable for material from 0.15 mm to 40 mm thick.
– Centrally programmable control panel.
– HMI with pre-programmable settings.
– Belt with the option of clockwise or anti clockwise rotation.
– Wet model with integrated spray to separate dirt and fine dust.
– Integrated vacuum system with measurable safety system.
– One or more vacuum segments that can be operated individually.
– Quick replace system for the abrasive belt.
– Motorised table with a 0-100 mm opening.
– Controlled abrasive belt speed of 7-22 m/second.
– Cleaner in the filter.
– CE certified.