Vertical Lathe Automation


Vertical lathe specifications:

1, X-axis travel: 750mm

2, Z-axis travel: 320mm

3, Spindle power: 2.2KW

4, X.Z axis servo motor power: 1.1KW

5, The workpiece clamping method: rotary cylinder

6, X, Z axis repeatability: plus or minus 0.01MM

7, X, Z axis positioning accuracy: plus or minus 0.01MM

8, Feeding method: conveyor belt, turntable or vibrating plate (can be designed according to different products)

9, The largest workpiece processing diameter: 100mm

10, The highest workpiece processing thickness: 50mm

11, Fast moving maximum speed: 15M / min

12, Spindle speed: 50-2800 R.P.M (50-8000 R.P.M optional)

13, Dimensions: 1700mm long × 1800mm wide × 2400mm high

14, Weight: 1800KG

Competitive Advantages:

  1. More continous process for stainless steel and aluminium manufacturing
  2. Production quality stability, prevent human error
  3. A concentrated unloading design catering design, reducing floor space
  4. Improving production efficiency, approaching 24 hour production
  5. Reducing skill requirements for labour, operator only in charge of loading/unloading
  6. Reducing workplace injuries, improving coorporate image

Typical applications:

Watch industry

Motor vehicle accessory industry

Electric torch industry

Machining of small circular parts