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Pro-Technic Machinery Ltd

Since 1977, “Pro-Technic Machinery Group” has served the industries of China for 45 years. Keep on introducing advanced machinery and technology from all over the world and providing consummate pre-sales and after-sales services for customers. Not only a major reputable machinery agent, but also an integrated equipment manufacturer in China.

” Pro-Technic” has more than 20 branch and service center in China which running by a 500 professional pre-sales and after-sales team. Pro-Technic imports various type of advanced machinery such as High Precision Machining Center, Mould & Die Machinery, Metal Forming Machinery, Metal Cutting Machinery, SMD Assembly System, Flexible Production Line, Precision Injection Machine, Robot Application Technology, 3D Printing Technology, 3D Blue Light Optical Scanning, Rapid Mold Technology, Laser Cutting, CAD/CAM software, PTMES Manufacturing Execution System, Precision Measuring Instruments, Precision Tools and Accessories. The own developed brand “Smart Intelligence” provides automation integration and turnkey solutions for promoting the comprehensive capabilities of industrial digital transformation and cooperate with automated production lines and units. It becomes a collection of mechanical equipment, production technology, automation engineering, fixtures and a comprehensive “intelligent” manufacturing solution provider for system design and manufacturing. The subsidiary “Grandlead Intelligent Systems (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.” obtained in honor for the 2018 high-tech products, 16 utility model patents, 1 appearance patent, and 4 software copyrights. Also, it obtained HNTE status in year 2020 recognition of our contribution to industrial technological advancements in China.

To achieve the vision, “To become the best service provider of machinery industry in China” Pro-Technic will be continuously providing various types of advanced machinery and production technology to look for an innovative direction as well as contribute to the society. Pro-Technic do wish to grow together with customers and give assistance for development of industry.

Our Business


FASTCELL flexible production systems

• Pro-Technic Machinery developed its own operating system to make the system easier to operate, smoother and more flexible

• 24 hours automatic operation, improve production efficiency

• Only need a smart phone or tablet, through the “wireless LAN system”, real-time monitoring of production anywhere, anytime, to achieve intelligent production and management .


Provide quality machinery and services

• Pro-Technic Machinery has been in business for 45 years since its establishment in 1977. It devotes itself to introducing new technologies and processes to the industry and providing excellent machines.

• Service Center have been all over mainland China, with a large and professional engineering team, as well as rich experience to provide our clients with quality and efficient Pre-sale  and Post-sale service.



GOM – 3D Optical Scanner

• Faced with increasingly complex, more and more functions of products, but shorter product cycles. Manufacturers are faced with increased product accuracy, tight production times and increased costs. At this time, 3D scanning and detection can solve all your troubles.

• GOM is the world’s most advanced three-dimensional scanners that can easily scan different products and output reverse engineering files; we will also provide customers with 3D scanning services.