Automatic Grinding Center AGC-2800

Automatic Grinding Center AGC-2800

AGC-2800 was developed and manufactured based upon our strong R&D capabilities and years of experience in the automation industry. AGC-2800 with built-in 6-axis Robot is a multi-function grinding machine that excels in rough grinding, fine grinding, finishing grinding and chamfering.


Fully enclosed guard and transparent designOil Filtration SystemPro-technic SMART operation system
Fully enclosed guard providing safety and environmental protection; Anti-explosion glass allowing full visualisation of the machine operation.Ensure the quality of the recycled oil during the spraying process to prolong the life cycle of the abrasive paper, and increase the surface finish of the workpiece.Exclusively developed to reduce setup time, quick start design and automatied material changing system; predictive maintenance function and malfunction diagnostic function.

Flexible abrasive belt and disc combination module

Structure of Abrasive Discs

Innovated Software — Refined Grinding Technique

Specially selected servo motor reducing and vibration;Continuously variable transmission prolongingthe life cycle of the abrasive paper; Fulfill various grinding requirements

Duo-discs design allowing flexbility between rough grinding and fine grinding; X-axis movement ensures grinding quality and consistency;Y-axis movement increases grinding accuracyUtilising offline CAD/CAM softwares to simulate robot movements, automatically generating programs to reduce set up time as well as performing grinding duties not achievable