Basic construction with high reliability
• Spindle headstock with rigidness and accuracy.
• Supported by high precision angular contact bearings at front and rear.
High speed, high precision linear turret
• Needless turret revolution, bringing short idling time and exact positioning.
• High speed and high precision turning. Eguro’s traditional technic, making much of linear turret Essential tooling system for finish turning.
Specific slide
• X axis ball screw in oil bath, for stability of dimensions in turning. X axis stroke 200mm, biggest in the lathes of this size. Tooling with enough space.
Superiority in operation
• Dynamic styling featuring in curve. Spindle located close to the operator .Chips to fall down straight to the tank. All based on the concept for upgraded operation.
Power saving function
• Automatic power shut off for the motor in lapse of planned time with no operation. Power saving function controlling electric consumption.
Compact design
• Ultra compact machine of floor space 1.1m2 (square meter) only.
• Advancing NC factory with high space efficiency.

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