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Alu Structure Plate with hovercraft hose connected

Alu Structure Plates can be Witte-equipped with a hovercraft cushion system. This enables easy and quick transport of the plate from loading area to checking area (CMM surface area). Even plates with heavy loads can easily be moved over cracks, seams or ridges in the floor. Air pressure is individually regulated to adjust to irregular weight distribution guaranteeing a smooth and even ride. For effective and problem free performance of hovercraft systems, a smooth non porous surface i.e. plastic coated, ground cement or vinyl flooring is ideal. Please contact us for specifications to ensure proper function in your facility.

Alu Structure Plates Special solutions

Complete vehicle unit for inspection and measuring of test cars or cars due for delivery. The vehicle is either driven or pulled onto the plate using a winch. After scissor trolleys raise the vehicle it is set down on RPS or car jack up points. The Alu Structure Plate is equipped with hovercraft and as an option can be driven with friction wheels. Scissor trolleys and winch are power operated.