EOS Metal 3D Printer

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EOS M100
Through the particle material accumulation of parts forming, step by step optimization and implement complex structure parts.Molding size100mm x 100mm x 95mm
EOS M 290
A new generation of DMLS system to provide a strong quality management, comprehensive monitoring and optimization of process gas management.Molding size:250x250x325mm(9.8×9.8×12.8in)
EOS M 400
Due to build large volume, the system can mass production of high quality metal parts.Up to 1 kw laser power can ensure high DMLS build rate.EOS M 400 is equipped with an intuitive graphical user interface, and with a lot of monitoring capability to ensure the quality of production.Molding size:400x400x400mm(15.8×15.8×15.8in)