Machine features:

  • High rigidity bed supports the entire machine
    The new integrated type 4-way structure bed minimizes influences of load fluctuations caused by the movements of saddle and table, and maintains machining accuracy even at heavy-duty cutting operation
  • B-axis drive mechanism provides high-speed and high-accuracy machining
    Use of the highly rigid double-pinion drive system and standard rotary scale emphasizes stable high-speed and high-accuracy table indexing operation
  • 5000min-1 spindle with high-speed and high-torque specifications (option)
    The mechanical two-stage gear change system with high-speed and high-torque 5000 min-1 spindle can cope with more extensive machining operations, exceeding the current high-rigidity quill structure
  • NC rotary milling operation (option)
    A cylindrical surface and end surface can be machined continuously by using the B-axis continuous indexing function of the table without using a special independent NC rotary table Easily