Integral feature

Machining center, vertical turning center, and as a 5 axis machine when selecting the optional spindle head. The overall design of this machine is an integral feature to also process an extensive range of machine parts.

High speed, high rigidity and high accuracy

“All linear axis X, Y and Z are designed with twin drive mechanism in order to achieve high rigidity and high accuracy. This attribute allows swift machine motion even at 40m/min in rapid and 20m/min in cutting feed mode.”

Axis configuration

The standard machine has 4 axes which consist of three (3) linear axes of X, Y, and Z, and one (1) rotary axis C. 
A 4-axis head in an (optional accessory) for 5-axis machining. 
The W axis is a crossrail that can be located at 5 positions is 250mm increments.


Machine Specifications