Most sophisticated energy-saving machine, fully considering resources and environment

Sharp cut in air consumption.
Complete elimination of oil mist scattering into the air.
Energy-saving Z-axis twin ball screws, not requiring any balancing unit.

Realization of high productivity due to high speed and high rigidity

“Rapid traverse rate: 30m/min (X-, Y-axes)
Spindle speed range: 40 – 10000min-1 
Cartridge spindle, considering easy maintenance
190mm-diameter long nose satisfying both easy access and heavy-duty cutting”

Wide machining range and small installation space

In spite of the machine whose distance between columns is 2100mm, the installation space is as small as 20m2, which is smaller than the vertical machining center having equivalent machining range.

A basis for machine rigidity is provided by integrally cast column and crossrail characterized by high rigidity (π Frame)