SHIBAURA MACHINE High Precision Machining Center UVM Series

UVM Series has been developed with the concept of high speed and high quality machining, providing High Precision Aerostatic Bearing Spindle. This is a high precision machine and one of application targets is a precision mold.

This machine helps ensuring reduction in the running costs and a significant improvement of the machining quality when compared with the conventional machines. 
The following specific effects can be expected:

  1. 60,000 min-1 spindle installed as standard
    => Reduction in the machining time
  2. Virtually unlimited life of the spindle by using non-contact air bearings
    If the spindle is damaged by any chance, the repair costs are much less than the spindles of other machines. 
    => Reduction in the maintenance costs
  3. Enhancing tool life by achieving high rotational accuracy of the spindle
    In addition, there is no restriction on time for running the spindle at high speed, and machining can be performed with only small-diameter tools.
  4. Significant improvement of machined surface quality 
    => Reduction in man-hours for polishing
  5. Significant improvement of machining accuracy
    => Realization of high-valued added machining
  6. Realization of various machining operations by only the machine with a variety of optional accessories such as a rotary table
    => Realization of various types of functions with the machine itself