The 22 series is suitable for the dry finishing and deburring of metal. This versatile machine is available in three nominal widths: 900 mm, 1050 mm and 1280 mm. In total, three attachments can be used with the machine for several applications.

Reduction of costs and increase of efficiency
By combining an abrasive belt and a brush, products can be deburred and rounded in one go. The machine is produced for deburring laser cut metal and edge rounding of sides and all of this whileincurring very low costs.

22 series 900 mm Multi Disc (MD)
New in Timesavers’ broad product range is the 22 series 900 mm Multi Disc (MD). A perfect end result is achieved in one fast operation and for very low operating costs with this new attachment. The machine works with a mechanism in which the deburring brushes rotate against each other. This produces a great and uniform finish. If required, a large or larger rounding of high quality can be achieved with the 22 series multi Disc.


Standard version:
– Rigid table installed on 4 synchronous spindles.
– Digital thickness set-up and reading in mm.
– Frequency controlled transport motor, 2.5 – 14 m/min.
– Automatic setting of the table height: 1 – 125 mm.
– Electronic oscillation.
– Dust extraction.
– CE certified.

Applications and benefits:
– Removal of vertical burrs from punch, laser and water jet cut parts.
– Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, etc.
– Deburring and surface finishing in one go using several heads.
– Very low operating costs and a high production capacity.