“Fast Cell” TL-200 NC Lathe

The lathe is made by the special stable integrated structure with high rigidity, fast processing and smart outlook. It can achieve a multi-processing such as cutting, drilling, etc. and provide high efficiency, stability and reliability machining to produce high value-added products for customers.


Inner Structure of NC LatheOutlook of the NC Lathe Machine BedPower input of Spindle,Torque diagram
1)Powerful functions : Slant chip Bed + Multi-protection structure + Automatic Lubrication-Intelligence Energy Saving Mode
♦Slope up to 30°,the operator can handle the chips easily by the slant chip structure.
♦Use the industrial level rubber integrated scraper + Stainless Steel guideway to protect and improve the life cycle of the machine.
♦Isolate the chips and cooling fluid inside the machine, keep cleaning of the shop floor.
♦Ensure the critical parts under the good conditions with automatic guideway lubrication system.
♦Energy saving with smart switch function of the automatic lubrication system during idle time.
2) Superior rigid structure
♦Use the low center of gravity and 30° slant bed design, provide the stable the base for the spindle, back spindle and turret.
♦Use meehanite cast iron to integrated casting out the base and table + additional supporting structure, and use thermal flow balance design to achieve the ♦lasting machining requirement. The overall performance and features of the machine is far superior to the general product.
♦Rigidity of the TL-200 is 20% higher than other similar product. It can keep the long period high precision level for the heavy duty cutting and the product life cycle of the cutting tools.
♦Ensure the accuracy and durability of the ballscrew under the high frequency quenching and high precision grinding and reach the C3 level (the highest level of the grinding).
♦The high performance of the X and Z axis linear guide can reach the max. speed 30m/min to generate the high precision, fast movement, low friction features.
3) Turret designed by Advanced Technology
♦Use servo motor to do the turret positioning , achieve the 0.2s for tooling changing time and 0.5s for opposite tooling changing time (Advanced level at the industry).
♦Use high precision clutch for turret positioning to ensure the rigidity of the turret under variety cutting situation.
♦The clutch has the auto-alignment, auto-cleaning and large gear area functions.
4) Superior cutting ability
♦The integrated casting body and mutli-measure to ensure the product accuracy, it can maximize to reduce the thermal deformation of the parts, and reduce the deviation of the product.
♦Use the advanced technology to realize the high speed tapping to achieve the high precision and torque of the deep tapping and no need to use the floating sleeve.
♦Use the V-shape belt transmission spindle to reduce the heat generated by the motor and ensure the accuracy of the spindle.
5) Fanuc 0i-F controller
♦High machining performance, operating rate, ease to use to maximize the profit.
♦Powerful control function and advance the digital servo technology to achieve the high speed and precision machining.
♦Advance hardware technology, small size, optimize wiring, high reliability, enrich CNC functions and ease to use.
♦Typical Fanuc operation interface, excellent operation performance, clear the function key and realize the online monitoring machine status.
♦Enrich custom-define functions, simple set up, powerful software support, ease to maintenance.